The best AI Traffic for Australian and New Zealand and it's 100% free and ready for P3Dv3! The package features full coverage of Airline and GA AI traffic for both countries as well as some nearby Island Nations and will be updated periodically with the latest Airline schedules and new liveries. This package is made up of AI aircraft models and repaints from generous contributors from all around the world. Those contributions plus hundreds of repaints from our own in-house painters have been blended to give you a world class AI traffic package for the Australasian region.

Australia and New Zealand

AU AI Traffic (FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv1, P3Dv2 and P3Dv3)

AU AI Traffic 5.0

  • This is the latest release of FTX AU AI Traffic for Australia and New Zealand. This package adds a number of new and updated aircraft models and many new paints to provide even greater AI traffic coverage for the region. This is a base pack installation and includes all the core folders and files required to get you up and running. Now available for P3Dv3.
  • Please note: this package wll automatically install all the required files on your system. It is fully self contained and no other AI Traffic files need to be installed for the contents to work.
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