FSX GO Tweaker Launcher

Welcome to Tweaker's Heaven! The ULTIMATE FSX Launcher. Orbx's FSX Go puts your favourite tweaks and saved flights together into a single profile. Setting your tweaks and launching FSX with your saved flight is now done in one simple action. FSX Go has been designed with both casual and ardent tweakers in mind. The package comes with a lengthy list of the most popular tweaks for the FSX.cfg which should satisfy most tweaking needs. It also ships with a tweak editor, which allows you to add and edit your own tweaks to the Master Tweaks list. For those with some knowledge of batch file scripting you can point FSX Go at your own batch file to launch FSX giving you even greater flexibility.

  • The must-have FSX launcher application
  • Add as many custom tweaks as you want
  • Create your own master list of tweaks
  • Launch your old saved flights
  • Add tweaks to ALL your old saved flights
  • Launch using your own custom batch files
  • Apply your own FSX splash screens
  • Tiny download size for the application
  • Only AU$9.00!
  • An indispensable tool
  • Full documentation and manual
  • Free upgrades to newer versions!

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User Guide
Here's a link to a copy of the FSX GO User Guide so you can find out more about how this application works.


This product is compatible with the following simulators: